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SafeSport Training for 17+ Year Old Players

SafeSport Training for Players Seventeen (17) and Over - NEW REQUIREMENT IN 2019

To ensure that all adult-age players on the same team with minor athletes comply with the law,
(i) all players 17 years of age or older on or before December 31 of that playing season, and (ii)
who play on a team in a classification that allows minor-age players, must complete SafeSport
Training before being added to such team and prior to participation (on-ice or off-ice). This
requirement applies to all teams in the age classifications Youth, Girls, High School, Junior
Hockey, Flex Hockey and Disabled Hockey programs that allow both minor-age and adult-age
players, and to officials who are turning 17 before December 31. Players and officials that
complete the training prior to turning 18 will be required to provide parental consent.

ALL PLAYERS AND OFFICIALS 17 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER on or before December 31st of the playing season, MUST COMPLETE SAFESPORT TRAINING PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION (on-ice or off-ice)! This affects birth years 2001 and 2002 for the 2019-2020 season.

PLAYER MUST COMPLETE THE SAFESPORT ONLINE MODULE BEFORE ANY KCYHA TRAVEL TRYOUTS AND BEFORE PRACTICING! Players will be checked in before any KCYHA tryouts and before your first practice. If you are not in compliance, you will not be able to participate. 

SafeSport training is an online course which takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. After that a "Refresher Course" that takes about 30 minutes to complete is available each subsequent year. There is no cost to members of USA Hockey to complete either training course.  Player must have a current USA Hockey membership # to complete the course.  After you have completed your online training, our USAH portal will update automatically so we know if you have taken it or not.

PLEASE READ the full communication from USA Hockey shown below.

Thank you for all of your efforts in support of the safety of participants in USA Hockey programs.