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Travel Tryouts 2019

Travel Team A/AA Tryout Information for 2019-2020 Season

Information for Rostered Players

Travel player registration and uniform ordering is ready.
Click the below link to view rosters, register your travel player and order uniforms.
-Travel Player Registration deadline is Sunday, September 1st to avoid a $50 late fee.
-Uniform order deadline is Tuesday, September 3rd. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2019 Travel Team Tryout information for KC Mavs, KC Storm Girls, and KC Jets is posted below.

Schedule adjustments may be made based on the number of participants.

All players (Storm, Mavs, Jets) must pre-register online for tryouts using the below link.

2019 Travel Tryout Registration

Travel Tryouts: $100
Optional Training Camp: $25
Girls Evaluations: $45

All players must pre-register so we can form the Tryout Groups!

Registration deadlines:
-Aug 2nd for Midget 16U/18U
-Aug 9th for Storm Girls ($45)
-Aug 14th for Squirt/Peewee/Bantam
-Aug 14th for Jets JV/Varsity
Use following link to register.

KC Storm Girls Travel Evaluations

KC Storm Evaluations $45:
KC Storm Girls evaluations will be August 17-18, 2019 at KC Ice Center in Shawnee, KS.
Saturday August 17th
4:20 pm 19U, 16U, 14U
5:30 pm 12U, 10U
Sunday August 18th 9:00-10:30 am
Please pre-register by August 9th.

Uniform Info for KC Mavs 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U

Jersey and Sock Fitting: Friday August 23rd 5:30-9:00pm
Warm-up Fitting, Ordering, Spirit Wear Sales: Saturday August 24th 5:00pm-8:00pm

KC Mavs players will be switching to new uniforms this season!  The cost is about $220 for a set of Home/Away jerseys, $50 for pant shell and about $50 for a set of Home/Away socks, total approximately $320. All players must get fitted on Friday night August 23rd 5:30-9:00pm during tryouts. After tryouts conclude and you are confirmed a roster spot, you will have a short window of about 7 days to order and pay for your uniform online directly from the supplier.  No late orders will be accepted.  We will however be using the same warm-ups and bags as last season.

KC Mavs 10U Squirt A-AA Tryout Schedule

10U Squirt Training Camp $25:
August 13th 6:10pm at KCIC
August 16th 6:10pm at KCIC
August 17th 6:40pm at KCIC
*NOTE: All players attend each session. 

**10U Parent & Player info meeting Friday August 16th 7:20pm at KCIC.

10U Squirt Tryouts $100:
Thursday August 22 6:00-7:00pm at KCIC
Friday August 23 5:40-6:40pm at KCIC
Saturday August 24 4:30-5:30pm at KCIC
Sunday August 25 8:20-9:20am at KCIC
Players attend each session.

KC Mavs 12U Peewee A-AA Tryout Schedule

12U Peewee Training Camp $25:
August 12th 7:40 pm at KCIC
August 13th 7:20 pm at KCIC
August 16th 7:20 pm at KCIC
August 18th 10:40 am at KCIC
*NOTE: All players attend each session.

**12U Parent & Player info meeting Friday August 16th 6:30pm at KCIC.

12U Peewee Tryouts $100:
Thursday August 22 7:10-8:10pm at KCIC
Friday August 23 6:50-7:50pm at KCIC
Saturday August 24 5:40-6:40pm at KCIC
Sunday August 25 9:30-10:30am at KCIC

KC Mavs 14U Bantam A-AA Tryout Schedule

14U Bantam Training Camp $25:
August 12th 8:50pm at KCIC (2005's)
August 13th 8:30pm at KCIC (2006's)
August 16th 8:30pm at KCIC (All players and goalies)
August 18th 11:50am at KCIC (All players and goalies)

**14U Player & Parent info meeting Friday August 16th 7:45pm at KCIC.

14U Bantam Tryouts $100:
August 22 8:20-9:20pm All Bantams at KCIC
August 23 8:00-9:00pm Group 1 at KCIC
August 23 9:10-10:10pm Group 2 at KCIC
August 24 6:50-7:50pm Group 1 at KCIC
August 24 8:00-9:00pm Group 2 at KCIC
August 25 10:40-11:40am at KCIC
August 25 11:50-12:50pm at KCIC
The Friday and Saturday Bantam Groups will be determined after tryouts Thursday August 22nd.

KC Mavs 16U Tryout Schedule

16U Midget Tryouts $100:
Friday Aug 9th 6:00-7:20 pm at SECA
Monday Aug 12th 6:10-7:20pm at SECA
Wednesday Aug 14th 7:10-9:00pm at SECA

Head Coaches Jim Krueger and Mike Kempkes
Please pre-register by August 2nd.
*Parent info meeting Monday August 12th 7:20pm at SECA


KC Jets High School JV/Varsity MWHSHL Tryouts

Jets Player/Parent info meeting Tuesday July 23rd 6:30pm at KC Ice Center.

Jets JV/Varsity Pre-Tryout Training Camp $25:

Saturday August 10th at KCIC,
Group 1 5:20-6:35 pm
Group 2 6:45-8:00 pm
Sunday August 11th at KCIC
Group 1 8:45-10:00 am
Group 2 10:10-11:25 am
Each participant will get 2 pre-tryout clinic times based on the number of registered players.

Jets JV/Varsity Tryouts $100:
Monday Aug 19th 7:40-9:55pm at KCIC
Tuesday Aug 20th 7:10-9:25pm at KCIC
Wednesday Aug 21st 7:10-9:25pm at KCIC

Head Coaches Gary Emmons & Connor Bowman.
Please pre-register online by August 14th so we can form the tryout groups.

KC Mavs Travel Hockey Golf Fundraiser

SAVE-THE-DATE: Golf Tournament Fundraising Event, Tuesday October 8th at Hillcrest Country Club. 

2019-2020 Age Classifications

Year of Birth Age Division
2001-2002 High School/Midget 18U
2003-2004 High School/Midget 16U
2005-2006 14U Bantam
2007-2008 12U Peewee
2009-2010 10U Squirt


KCYHA Director of Hockey Operations and Travel Director:
Chris Newans

For general questions please contact:
Mary Helmick 913-851-7768

KC Mavs Travel Hockey Facebook